Check out our interview in the Contemporary Standard. You can find the Italian version here, or read the translated interview below.

Q) Hi Eric, tell us your story.

A) We started The Firecracker Press in 2002 after a long string of unsuccessful graphic design jobs and in the aftermath of my Father's death. I was unhappy with the state of my traditional design career and motivated to turn life's sad moments into positive things. I quit my job, bought our first press from a small-town printshop that was closing its doors and moved it into a studio that we shared with three other studiomates. We eventually took over the space after everyone else dropped out and began designing and printing business cards, stationery, and posters. In the eight years we've been in business we've moved three times, survived a fire that burned half our building, supported a small group of loyal employees, and collected an army of antique printing equipment. We're happy to work for an eclectic group of clients... some walk in and need relatively little, others are name brand entities that need more attention.

Q) Who's the illustrator/graphic designer from the past which inspired you most?

A) I try not to look at illustrators or designers too much though I guess there's no escaping. I used to like looking through history books and latch onto one thing or another. If you'd asked me this question ten years ago I'd said, Andy Warhol. It sounds corny but I like old signs in forgotten neighborhoods, science fiction movies, sleeping... long walks with my family.

Q) Which moment of the day makes you particularly creative?

A) I work out the kinks by working. I could work just about anytime and find there's no time like the present. I love working.

Q) Your work in 3 words.

A) Light-blue, red, chipboard

Q) What are you working on right now?

A) We're putting the finishing touches on our first hardcover book with Typecast Publishing, called Monkey Bars by Matthew Lippman. We designed the cover and a few pages inside the book and had it perfect-bound with another printshop. Last week thirty boxes showed up on our doorstep. We just finished printing a wrap for the book in two colors and have an assembly line of folks putting them together. The official launch takes place in New York in the Fall of 2010. So far we're pretty happy with the project and hope the rest of the world is too!

Q) Say bye to our readers in your favorite language.