Whether it was the Gutenberg era of the 1400's or the iPhone era of today, we've always built modern society on methods that came from the beloved letterpress. From movable type and the printing press, to the Linotype linecaster (hot type), to Phototype (cold type), and now to digital technologies such as desktop publishing, the internet, and iPhones, the world of print and design media is always changing. 

So on Tuesday, June 21st at 12:00 PM, come out and join a panel of experts to discuss what the new and old languages can share as a part of the STL Print Week festivities. You'll hear from Dave Gray, Founder of XPlane, Kirsten O’Laughlin of Sensura Studio, Daniel Evans of the Hanger App, and Eric Woods of The Firecracker Press. We hope to see you there! 

Good news: the event is FREE! 

More good news: so is the lunch provided.