OIL + WATER - MIXING IT UP! December 15 2010

As 2010 draws to a close the crew at The Firecracker Press ain't slackin'! We've finally finished the long awaited book, Oil + Water, containing poetry and essay in response to the Gulf oil crisis of this past Summer. What's that? A "downer" you say! Uh uh folks. We're not here to beat up on big oil and we've got no interest in making you feel bad about yourself. This book calls on some of this country's best writers to teach us something new about an event the media covered 24/7 but probably failed to give the full picture. What's more, it comes packaged in a beautiful slipcase with 10 postcards containing facts about our precious resources. Want to do something about the world but feel like the issues are too big to really make a difference? Slap a stamp on one of these postcards and mail it to your Congressional leader! If you still don't feel warm and fuzzy, know that proceeds from book sales go to help restore the Gulf and help ensure its longevity. Merry Christmas!

Contributors include: Robert Pinsky, Matthea Harvey, NOLA resident Joshua Clark, Nicole Cooley, Elizabeth Bradfield, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Tony Hoagland, Sally Keith, Matthew Lippman, Ken Walker and a classic from William Wadsworth Longfellow.

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