SUMMER READING SERIES - 2011 June 25 2011


The Firecracker Press is preparing for its 2011 Poetry Reading Series. This is the first call of the year, and while dates remain tentative, we will begin booking as selected poems are gathered. The following outlines some general information regarding the event:

- There is no submission fee
- Readings will be twice a month starting in July and running indefinitely through the remainder of the year. The event will begin at 2:00 p.m.
- The prints are part of the entertainment; we will be printing as you are reading. For those not familiar with The Firecracker Press, we use antique printing technology, complete with all of the clicks and groans of our manual presses. 
- Participating poets will be given three prints of his/her poem for personal use.
- Audience members pay $5 to listen to your reading & receive a print.
- Of course, poets will retain the rights to all accepted submissions.
- Any length of poem is acceptable. Since we will be hand setting this, however, the content limit for prints made is 100 characters maximum. This limit is to include spaces and punctuation (think: old-school classified ad). Please be prepared to fashion one such excerpt. Keep in mind we may need to change line breaks for formatting purposes.
- One line of the print will be reserved for your name and contact information, such as a website or email address

Feel free to pass this call on to those who may be interested.