SIDEWALK SALE October 19 2011

The coming of 2012 will mark our 10 year anniversary at The Firecracker Press and in that time we've collected a fair amount of junk. While we sometimes love having an eclectic collection of odds and ends we've decided it's best to let a small portion of it go... at bargain prices!
Join us Nov. 5th from 11am-5pm for a Sidewalk Sale like none other. Here's a partial list of what we'll have to offer.

FEATURED ITEM: 5x8 tabletop Kelsey Letterpress - fully operational with new rollers, a can of ink, and an antique galley cabinet to put it on.

PRINT RELATED ITEMS: advertising printing blocks, old engraving blocks, offset printing plates, 1.5HP 3 phase motor, 1.5HP 1 phase motor, large galley cabinet, spare galleys, industrial press parts and misc. mechanical items, a large wooden dolly w/casters, cans of lead type.

PAPER: various paper remnants, printed Firecracker Press paper scraps, business card blanks, coaster blanks, paper sample books, no hunting/exit signs.

MISC: tons of CD jewel-cases, a box of Grateful Dead bootleg cassettes, plastic soda crates.

POSTERS: as low as $2.00 ea!!!