Well, spiffed up is an understatement - we chucked out all the old stuff and started fresh.  We expect 2015 to be our biggest year yet and we all felt the website wasn't representing the direction of The Firecracker Press anymore.  It's an agonizing process to revamp a site.  We spoke to countless developers, all who brought great ideas and incredible talent to the table.  We also looked at all of the major DIY e-commerce web design companies out there.  In the end, after about 6 months of research, we decided to keep it in-house with a clean site that allows our products to be the stars.

Our goal was for the new site to provide our customers with an improved shopping experience.  We also have added more flexibility for everyone on our team to be able to easily add new products, make site edits and add blog posts.  We're pretty excited about the changes and hope you will be too!  We welcome your feedback, so please send us an EMAIL with comments.  

Be sure to sign up for our email NEWSLETTER to stay up to date on events, new products and sales.  Also, keep checking the NEW products section.  We just added a new LOVE card, perfect for Valentine's Day, a wedding greeting card, or just to let someone know you're thinking of them.  Who doesn't love pretty mail?